The Hunting Public

#172 - Hunting in the Backcountry! w/Mark Huelsing

August 9, 2021

For many hunters, making a trip out west to hunt elk or any other big game in the backcountry can be very intimidating. Between getting a tag, choosing the right gear, and just getting out of your comfort zone in general, the process of preparing for a backcountry hunt can be overwhelming.  In this episode, Mark Huelsing and Zach discuss how you can get started hunting out west or in the backcountry in general. They talk about tags, gear, meat care, and give as many tips as they can to help make sure that you are prepared to start your own backcountry hunting adventures! 

Topics Include: 

-Gear you need to hunt in the backcountry
-how to care for meat when you are miles from the truck
-how to get tags in western states

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